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Joplyn, Ali Kanaan, Berlin

and Hair

  • Need a professional Make-Up Artist?

  • Going to film, TV or an event and want that magical look?

  • What you need is an absolut expert, a calm and clear person with style? 

  • You have a moodboard, a concept and need an artist to transform your vision into reality?  

Alma - Yan Revazov, Berlin


  • looking for a professional and respectful Bodypainter?

  • all you need is this fantasy creature come to life?

  • seeking a once-in-a-lifetime-experience?

  • you want an absolut expert in Bodypaint for film, fashion, shootings, commercials or your event?

  • are you ready for a full transformation?

Foto Kai Eisentraut

     Dance Coaching & Classes

Yes, that's me.

  • Did you know that Bellydance is related to the Goddess, childbirthing, your womb and most intimate expression? 

  • Are you looking for a dance programm that heals your spiritual and physical body? Understand your Bodylanguage.

  • You are looking for a calm and empathic mentor to evolve as a wo*man & artist?

  • Ready to connect with your senses and immerse into a holistic developmental experience?


Questions? I am listening 

  • How can you be a Make-Up-Artist, Bodypainter and dancer at the same time? 

  • Let me tell you, It's possible! I AM.

  • It took time, effort, money, dedication, consistency, discipline, focus and LOVE

  • Don`t let anybody tell you what you can or can't do!

  • You got eyes to see. Use them, all 3 ;)

Tribal Vision Dance Retreat

Tribal Vision
Dance Retreat

  • Always wanted to go to a Dance Retreat that inCORPOrates Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Breathwork, Bodypaint, Pilates and Yoga? 

  • You are a mover and want to explore your Body intensely in a female retreat?

  • It is open level, don't worry

  • We have this retreat for you! Food, accommodation, Workshops and a Villa with Pool included! YES.

Foto Andy Edner


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