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  • come back to your Body

  • establish boundaries & Liquidity through Dance

  • balance Yin Yang energy

  • learn Fusion Breathwork, Bellydance, Make-Up & Bodypaint & Bellydance History


what moongoddess Is
 Online Bodyoriented Coaching |  Moongoddess App

The Moongoddess does only exist with DANCE. You must be willing to dance, until you feel the expansion.

This Programm evolved from a intimate online Coaching into an App and Live-Workshops in Berlin. 

It's accessing the Mind through the Body, it`s a lot of Fusion Bellydance and some Waacking, it is dancing with Shiva and Shakti together to create balance in your Body, which is the universe you inhabit. Moongoddess transforms you on physical, spiritual and emotional levels, acessing your divine essence.

You will feel it. And you will be reknown.

Shine bright like the Moon at night - and unbothered by people starring at you. 



You are a powerful women, and might be unbalanced in your feminine & masculine expression?

Used to be a tomboy? Not used to feeling sensual or vulnerable in your sensuality? Moongoddess knows how to transform that into gold.

There is a way to create balance in your body and life. This Programm is for you, if you:

  • love to dance & want to learn Fusion Bellydance Magic  

  • are a tomboy, feeling disconnected from your sensuality

  • are a sharp-minded, intelligent and hypersensitive women

  • are a coach, moving beyond the desk to "understand" 

  • struggle to equilibrate your Yin and Yang in harmony

  • want to learn more about spirituality & how it connects to the physical realm

  • have distanced yourself from your essential Bodywisdom

  • want to develop a healthy relationship with your Womb & Brains in Balance


Adriatica is a refreshing new voice, teaching discipline, self-empowerment, responsibility and embodiment with a cristal clear voice. 

The online coachings with Moongoddess were a portal into a new way of teaching, including transcendental breath journeys & visions.

MOONGODDESS has beeen streamed online & live in Brazil, Germany, Croatia, US, Mexico and Denmark, this practice takes you on the finest divine trip, producing goddess nectar from within: THE ANDROGYNOUS MIND IN A GODDESS BODY 


Dance and Breathwork are at the core of this practice, calming the nervous system, centering your mind and transporting you into higher realms. Dimensions. Timetravel. Dance is a direct gateway to your soul. It touches every level of existence: Physical, spiritual and emotional.

dance is medicine
Dance with Adriatica

Adriatica's Dance Style is a spiritual - physical practice, rooted in Goddess knowledge, brazilian ginga, Fusion Bellydance & Waacking technique. We open channels to the divine and cause explosions of new neuronal connections, with pleasure. 

Mother Earth, Father, Sky, we are the child.

Yes, You will see things, you have never seen before. 

And we will breath consciously into your roots and womb (if you ever had one, if not we breath deep into the belly) - and lead the energy/attention/prana/mana /ashe into your brain and third eye, crown  - from here expand into the cosmos. Call me, if you want to Do this at Home. I do recommend it :) 

Re-member the divine in your celular memory. This Dance is a holistic practice. 



MG ☆
Divine Balance 
The androgynous mind 

12 weeks ONLINE

Private Bodymind Coaching

with Zoom Call & Moongoddess App

start ◯ at fullmoons

07. Nov 2022 - 30. Jan 2023 

3 mooncycles

2-3 Online Classes (2h each) per week  

*time will be arranged individually

MOONGODDESS DIVINE BALANCE is a Masterclass into the power of creation, inside your Body. Make-Up, Mindcoaching and Fusion BellyDance will run along with Moon Magic. Install Goddess Juice, delete destructive patterns.



  • Bellydance Basic/Intermediate

  • Fusion Bellydance

  • Archetypes & Magic Moon Rituals

  • Waacking Elements

  • 2-3 Coaching Calls per week

  • Sacred Geometry & Serpents

  • Make-Up & Bodypaint

  • Access to Moongoddess App

  • Bonus: DESIGNER DRESS in White 

Download the full programm here (pdf)​



7770,- € 

Private Online Coaching + 

Moongoddess App

Alchemy of transformation unveiling your goddess 4 weeks (1).png

MG ☆
Alchemy of Transformation
Unveiling your God*dess

 6 weeks ONLINE

Bodyoriented Private Coaching with Zoom Calls + Moongoddess App

start ◯ at fullmoons

07. Nov -  19. Dez 2022 

1,5 mooncycles

2-3 Online Classes (2h each) per week  

*time will be arranged individually

ALCHEMY OF TRANSFORMATION is a RE-MEMBERING, re-connecting with your own Bodylanguage and installing new information. Grow Roots, Breath and share your Gifts. 



  • Bellydance Basics

  • 2-3 Coaching Calls per week

  • Moon Rituals

  • Sacred Geometry & Serpents

  • Make-Up & Bodypaint

  • Access to Moongoddess App




Download the full programm here (pdf)​



3690,- € 

Private Online Coaching + 

Moongoddess App

Alchemy of transformation Flyer.png

Moongoddess Express ☆
Lift beyond the known 

7 days ONLINE  

Bodyoriented Private Coaching with Zoom Calls + Moongoddess App

start ◯ at fullmoons

24. - 30. Oktober 2022

3-5 Online Classes (2h each) per week 

*time will be arranged individually 

MOONGODDESS Express 777 is for wo*men who are already deep in the Body:  Teachers, Trainers, Coaches and Dancers. Transformation happens faster than speed of light.     


  • Fusion Bellydance & Waacking Basics

  • 3 - 5 Live Trainings per week 

  • personal feedback 

  • Access to Moongoddess App

Download the full programm here (pdf)​



777,- € 

Private Online Coaching + 

Moongoddess App


Online Goddess Vision Dance

"For me it has been the most precious gift in my life. You have activated me into my WOMBMANHOOD.

Honestly it was like an initiation"

Philly, Mexico, Zipotle 2021

Online Goddess Vision Dance YEMANJA

Thank you for sharing your art and medicine. During our meditation, i got emotional and was tearing up. That happens to me when powerful energies are being felt and expressed."

Amy, USA, Ohio, 2021


"Mahalo Adriatica, I feel the same about your magic work. Healing the roots, moving the womb, planting the stars...

You are such a divine soul. Your goddess nectar is pure blisss."


Nicole, Bodycristalartist & shapeshifter

 Moongoddess Programm

Die Moongoddess hat mich tief berührt und mich in überwältigender Weise an Orte geführt die ich nicht erahnte.


Faszinierend war für mich, dass selbst meine Kinesiologin Veränderungen bis in die kleinste Zelle wahrgenommen hat, ohne dass ich ihr von meinem Weg erzählt habe.

Seid es euch Wert und beschreitet diesen Pfad der Heilung eurer Seele!

Marie, Germany, Kaufbeuren, 2020

Online Danceclass

My Fusion Belly Dance Classes with Adriatica were pure joy! To see Adriatica dance is very inspiring.

The movements we learn in each class are building up slowly and evolve into small choreographies. It needs a high concetration capacity to move all body parts individually in different directions.


Adriatica has a good way to help us get out of the head and into the Body, aligning to music and rhythm.  

I recognized that after the class i feel very happy, clear, focused and energized. 


Lena, Germany, Berlin 2020 

Live Dance Class 

Ich verspüre nicht mehr länger diese Scham dabei, mich selbst im Spiegel anzusehen und meine Bewegungen zu beobachten. Nach relativ kurzer Zeit des regelmässigen Trainings (4 Monate) wird alles in mir flüssiger und harmonischer. 

Danke dass du mir gezeigt hast, dass es nicht nur eine Göttin gibt!

Danke dass du die Göttin in mir erweckt hast, obwohl ich nichts von ihrer Existenz ahnte. 

Danke, dass du du mir gezeigt hast, dass es sich sehr wohl lohnt weiterzuleben... und dieser Grund ist niemand anders als ich selbst.

Rashida, Germany, Berlin 2020