body-oriented online coaching

Moongoddess Programm is a wholy space, created inside your Body. It will transform you physical appearance and make you feel again.

What is your wish?

This bodyoriented coachings are experiential, you move and think with your whole Body instead of only you head or intellect. 

If you feel disconnected from your Body and femininity? Are you longing to own your sexual energy & life force? You want to go deeper. Watch the testimonials.


Are you a sharp-minded, intelligent and hypersensitive wo*men longing equilibrium inside. Have you distanced yourself from your Bodywisdom?


Are you tired about the superficial blablabla on the divine feminine? Me too. Adriatica is a refreshing new voice, teaching discipline, self-empowerment, self-responsibility and embodiment with a cristal clear voice. 

She has been teaching online & live in Brazil, Germany, Croatia, US, Mexico and Denmark. Her practice take you into a magical world with Goddess nectar. 


Dance and Breathwork are at the core of this practice, calming the nervous system, centering your mind and transporting you into higher dimensions. 

Dance is a direct gateway to your soul. Bodypaint is the connection to our ancestors and the artform, Make-Up is a social consctruction. You can learn to navigate these waters. 

1. Moongoddess is a 3-month Bodyoriented Coaching and Goddess Initiation. The dance is to fully embody and embrace your divinity and make it visible! Yin energy (flexible, intuitive, silent, inside) in harmony with Yan energy (straight, outspoken, rational, outside). This Goddess training is perfect for woman who wish to balance womb wisdom and intellect.  

THE MOONGODDESS APP is baking hot! 




Bodyoriented Online Coaching

Dates & Duration​

  • 17.01.22 - 16.04.22

  • 16.02.22 - 16.05.22

  • 17.03.22 - 14.06.22

  • 16.04.22 - 14.07.22

  • 16.05.22 - 12.08.22

  • 14.06.22 - 11.09.22

  • 14.07.22 - 10.10.22

  • 12.08.22 - 09.11.22

  • 11.09.22 - 08.12.22


 3 fullmoon cycles 🤍 

2 calls per week (2h each) 

*time will be arranged individually

*privat call 

Moongoddess is an Initiation into the secrets of Bellydance, Moon Magic and the Goddess. It's a healing journey, for those who have neglected their Belly and Bodywisdom. It's a spiritual journey.

create intimacy with yourself and your womb 

  • Inside (Breath & Dance)

  • Outside (Make-Up & Bodypaint)

Express your divinity and allow healing. 

Get ready to sweat, too.  


download the whole programm here in pdf


3330,- € Private Online Coaching



Bodyoriented Online Coaching ​

- only after finishing Moongoddess - 

Dates & Duration

  • 01.04.22 - 25.09.22

  • 28.07.22 - 21.01.23

6 newmoon cycles ❤ 

2 calls per week (2h each)  

*time will be arranged individually

*privat call

LILITH is for Badass woman, craving balance. Embracing your shadow and your light. You will learn:


- Trust your divine Body to move beautifully

- activate your womb

- Glamour Make-Up

  • Inside (Breath & Dance)

  • Outside Maker-Up & Bodypaint)

Express through powerful archetypes and learn to befriend your beasts, own it!


download the whole program here in pdf


9990,- € 

Private Online Coaching

Personal Coaching (on request)

Black and gold Makeup.png

1:1 Goddesscoach

Bodyoriented Online Coaching


Please write Adriatica to confirm a date. She will get in touch with you. 

1 day / 3 hours 

Date & Duration

  • 1 call / 3 hours max 

  • time will be arranged individually 

Choose if you want a Make-Up-Session or a dance session. Both are possible.

All exercises include Breathwork. 


  • Make-Up incl. Breath 

  • 6h Make-Up and/or Dance 

  • personal feedback 

  • classes will be recorded for you


€ 333,- 3 h Private Online Coaching


Online Goddess Vision Dance

"For me it has been the most precious gift in my life. You have activated me into my WOMBMANHOOD.

Honestly it was like an initiation"

Philly, Mexico, Zipotle 2021

Online Goddess Vision Dance YEMANJA

Thank you for sharing your art and medicine. During our meditation, i got emotional and was tearing up. That happens to me when powerful energies are being felt and expressed."

Amy, USA, Ohio, 2021


"Mahalo Adriatica, I feel the same about your magic work. Healing the roots, moving the womb, planting the stars...

You are such a divine soul. Your goddess nectar is pure blisss."


Nicole, Bodycristalartist & shapeshifter

 Moongoddess Programm

Die Moongoddess hat mich tief berührt und mich in überwältigender Weise an Orte geführt die ich nicht erahnte.


Faszinierend war für mich, dass selbst meine Kinesiologin Veränderungen bis in die kleinste Zelle wahrgenommen hat, ohne dass ich ihr von meinem Weg erzählt habe.

Seid es euch Wert und beschreitet diesen Pfad der Heilung eurer Seele!

Marie, Germany, Kaufbeuren, 2020

Online Danceclass

My Fusion Belly Dance Classes with Adriatica were pure joy! To see Adriatica dance is very inspiring.

The movements we learn in each class are building up slowly and evolve into small choreographies. It needs a high concetration capacity to move all body parts individually in different directions.


Adriatica has a good way to help us get out of the head and into the Body, aligning to music and rhythm.  

I recognized that after the class i feel very happy, clear, focused and energized. 


Lena, Germany, Berlin 2020 

Live Dance Class 

Ich verspüre nicht mehr länger diese Scham dabei, mich selbst im Spiegel anzusehen und meine Bewegungen zu beobachten. Nach relativ kurzer Zeit des regelmässigen Trainings (4 Monate) wird alles in mir flüssiger und harmonischer. 

Danke dass du mir gezeigt hast, dass es nicht nur eine Göttin gibt!

Danke dass du die Göttin in mir erweckt hast, obwohl ich nichts von ihrer Existenz ahnte. 

Danke, dass du du mir gezeigt hast, dass es sich sehr wohl lohnt weiterzuleben... und dieser Grund ist niemand anders als ich selbst.

Rashida, Germany, Berlin 2020