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Tribal Vision Dance Retreat

 - the elements - ​

This is a Dance and Body-Alignment Retreat in Turkey

- Adriatica & Leila -










DATES 03 - 09. OKTOBER 2022

Fethiye/Muğla, Türkei

We RE-MIND the Body how to Breath, Stretch, Align, Dance and connect with nature.

With the 5 elements of water, fire, air, earth and aether we are entering a new dimension of Fusion Bellydance.  

A retreat in the Turkish sun, surrounded by mountains and the ocean... serving the Body we live in.

Dance touches all layers of existence, it`s spiritual, physical and emotional. We believe that movement is good for your wellbeing and brightens your mood, strenghtens and disciplines your system. It is time to re-program your Bodymind and align to a new frequency; polyrhythmically. We do this through dance & Bodyart. Enjoy a full dosis of Bellydance technique, Dance Improv, YogaPilates, Breathing Technique, Meditation and Art.  Get ready for a week of Dance magic, sisterhood, good music, food, laughter and (maybe tears) - diving into the capabilities of Wonderland: your Body.

​5 Elements
The second Tribal Vision Edition will be all about the 5 elements:

Our magic brew contains the dance with the elements:

  • Earth (arrive on earth)

  • Air (weightlessness fly)

  • water (slow & wavy)

  • Fire (fast and sharp)

  • Aether (ethereal moves)


We work with them, feel them, embrace and actually live among them.
We are surrounded by nature and it will be easy to get in touch with all that is...
aaaaand 9th of October is a full moon which means that we once again invite the
Goddess back in a full moon ritual.
Whether you have had prior experience in the Bellydance field, want to explore new
ways or evolve. We got you!
You are supported by a group of like-minded women and 2 strong and sensitive female
leaders, Adriatica and Leila. 

About the Retreat 
Tribal Vision will take place at Nova Soul which is a remote Retreat center 
located on the mountains at the Mediterranean coast in Fethiye/Muğla, Türkei


​What does the Retreat Package include?

  •  7 nights in beautiful tiny houses, the best view over the mountains and the ocean

  • + pool

  •  3-4 Workshops Sessions daily (Bellydance, YogaPilates, Meditation, Breathing

  • Technique, Partner-Relax) 

  • Bodypaint 

  •  Full Moon Ritual

  •  Tribal Vision Board Workshop

  •  3 vegetarian Meals daily 

  •  Shuttle service from the airport 

We recommend you to have some prior experience with either dance or bodywork.

Just be brave.

About the leaders

Foto Rashida

Adriatica is a transformational artist

cultivating the balance between physical, spiritual and intellectual form. Make-Up, Bodypaint, Tattoos and Fusion Bellydance share a ritualistic origin and have shapeshifted Adriatica`s magic. Especially Fusion Bellydance is a burning passion and leads women such as herself into wombpower. In 2020 Adriatica created Moongoddess, a fabulous dance coaching, which has now grown into the Moongoddess App (to be announced publicly soon)  

​Home between Brazil and Berlin, she keeps sculpting the Bodylandscape with the eyes of a painter,

believing in dance as medicine, art as expression and conscious breath as silent revolution.

Adriatica transcends time and transforms lifes. 

Foto Kanaan Brothers

Leila deeply believes in the positive and vitalizing forces that are set free with any kind of movement. Creating awareness of your own body is the essence of a healthy mind.

She is a trained movement therapist based on yoga and pilates and a professional tribal fusion dancer with heart and soul.

She combines the creative forms of expression of dance with the healthy principles of yoga and pilates and would like to create a deeper understanding of one's own body and its possibilities of expression.

Leila is also a mother and educated in pre- and postnatal yoga-pilates. Through belly dancing, her professional knowledge and her own experiences, she leads women into the strengths of their femininity and womanhood. 



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kiss the sky baby
kiss the sky baby

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view mit pool und pflanze
view mit pool und pflanze

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The retreat will be on a place called Novasoul, build with love and dedicated to Yoga and Bodyart. 

30 min from the beach. You will be sleeping in wooden tiny houses with the most luxurious view nature hast to offer.  

The closest airport is Dalaman from where a shuttle service will be provided for you. 


Prices for 2022 

Regular Price           895 €

Believe it! Anything is possible.

SIGN UP HERE for Tribal Vision Dance Retreat 

any questions left?

write us -> danceattribalvision @


refund policy

For cancellations received before and including 01 Juli, we will refund 90% of the price already paid. From 02 Juli to 02 August 50% of the price already paid will be refunded. After 15 August no refunds are possible. You are always welcome to find a replacement for you if you cannot make it to the retreat. Please send us an email with your name and contact :) If the retreat has to be cancelled due to government restrictions regarding Co-VID, you will be refunded 100%.